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September 2, 2014
August 27, 2014

A Healthy Babble

May 28, 2014


My life is confined to a couch, a computer, a book, my phone, and Apple TV. Oh, and I have coloring pencils and white paper just in case I get desperate. Why? Simply because my knee was crushed, pulverized and manhandled last week. It was felt up on a sunny morning in a surgery room […]

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Marina is Marina

May 15, 2014


Nothing is scarier than a white page; especially this white page as it is an attempt to comment on a subject that I am openly admitting that I know nothing about. However, I feel that my ignorance in the matter is just what is needed. The alarm went off yesterday morning; I opened one eye and […]

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A Tale of Three Muses

May 14, 2014



I have decided that today is good day for the revival of some good ol’ art gossip filled with passion and sex and crazy, overwhelming emotions and heartbreak. We have Ilona Staller, a.k.a. Cicciolina, a.k.a. Jeff Koon’s ex-wife and former porn star, to thank for this. I saw her portrait in the David Bailey exhibition […]

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Poor Old David

May 7, 2014


Carrara mountains

  Word around town is that Michelangelo’s David has weak ankles. But who can blame the poor guy? He’s been standing for 510 years in the same contraposto pose, looking beautifully innocent with his crisp curls and dashing gaze. Experts have identified small cracks that are making him frail – and when you are the […]

Canvassing for Colombia

September 9, 2013


I am extending a formal invitation to my favorite place on Earth: the place where palenqueras, dark, beautiful women clothed in colourful skirts and dresses, carry deep trays filled with fresh fruit on their head; the ancient entrance to South America that was once the object of desire of every pirate in the Caribbean; the […]

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