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Praise for Jerry Saltz

I think I fell in love with Jerry exactly one year ago during Art Basel in Switzerland with a picture he posted on Instagram. Love sweet love. The picture was of a beautifully pink and ripe tangerine and the caption read, “Dasha Z. Sent sent this selfie to me just now. I’m a frog prince in Heaven #artbasel2015”…

I mean, are you in love as well already? I remember my stomach hurting from laughing, tears came to my eyes and after that and to this day, Jerry Saltz is my go-to guy for my daily dose of laughter. I can just imagine Dasha Zhukova and Roman Abramovich sipping their morning coffee in bed or eating a bratwurst outside of the fair, reading this and almost choking. The guy has the best sense of humor ever. He’s provocative, blunt, loves confrontation and I suppose he might have a death wish.

This is Jerry Saltz: 65 years old, senior art critic for New York Magazine and he happens to be married to the admirable Roberta Smith, art critic for the New York Times.

BOOM. Power couple.

Jerry doesn’t cook and neither does Roberta. He’s a workaholic who is obsessed with vaginas (I don’t mean to be vulgar, it’s just the truth and he states it bluntly all the time). He “has an unapologetic eccentric writing style”, uses the f-word like no other, and has been dubbed the king of Instagram of the art world. The best part of his account is that the pictures he posts of random illuminated manuscripts, stone reliefs, old Japanese drawings, and vintage 80s pics, amongst others, are brought to life and given context through his catchy captions. There are even times when Jerry is so bewildered by an image that he only writes, “Caption please?”  as an invitation for his 174,000 followers to participate.

What´s not to love about Jerry? He’s a fellow art lover who used to drive a truck before he became a critic, he has a no-bullshit motto way of life, and he’s original and witty to the core. And for anyone who has any remote connection to the world of art, I can guarantee a daily laugh attack.

Jerry Saltz: My kind of guy since June 2015.

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