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ASPEN: For Younglings, Cougars, Silver Foxes & Tree Huggers

Contributed with love  by Constanza Garza, aka. GoodGirl Baby Cakes – A dame extraordinaire, fascinated with ink who opened the tattoo shop Sigue.Sigue.Sputnik (SSS) with tattoo artist Dr. Lakra in Mexico City in 2016. She’s a lover of nature, designer of jewelry, and mother of Felix.

Jump start the day at – 

Poppycocks! Yes, that’s the name. Roll out of bed and get yourself there and feast on scrambled eggs and bacon, avocado on toast and anything that your imagination can fathom. For something on the go, Peach’s Corner Cafe is the place for you. It has delicious smoothies, poppy seed muffins, green machine shakes and so much more. 

If you happen to visit Aspen when there’s no snow –

Little Cloud Trail is a must. It takes you about 20 mins to go up and then you take the main gondola trail down.  It’s full of wild flowers and you’re just completely submerged in nature in no time. I love the contrast between nature and city at the snap of your fingers. Note and I am not kidding: you might encounter bears.

Take me to lunch –

Food glorious food! You can’t miss Ajax Tavern located at the bottom of Aspen mountain. You can sit outside during summer and winter. Try their burger. It’s the best burger I know my burgers. It tricks your taste buds because it tastes like fast food which hits that fatty note we love but it’s actually made with great quality beef and fresh vegetables so it’s very healthier. Don’t forget the truffle fries.

White Tavern is another favorite of mine and it opened only about four years ago. They play old country music like Johnny Cash, they have the best local tap beers and crispy chicken sandwiches. The place feels like an old cowboy tavern smack in the middle of town.

The absolute best bargain for sushi in town is Taka Sushi – you get the same quality as Matsuhisa but you pay peanuts in comparison.

Aspen’s art scene – yay or nay?

So many patrons of the arts have houses in Aspen so of course, the art scene is buzzing. 

For how small Aspen is, there are a lot of galleries  but so many of these galleries are excruciatingly bad. There are, however, a few gems – my favorite is Baldwin Gallery owned by Richard Edwards. He’s very good friends with artists like Tom Sachs and the one and only Frank Stella. Aspen is such a small town that you get to meet them and talk to them about their work which is very special. Where else does that happen? 

Buy me an afternoon pick-me-up – 

After ski or a hike your body wants hot chocolate. Head to Hotel Jerome – it’s  filled with Native American art and relics, textiles, and Apache portraits. They keep it old school. The hot chocolate is served with a massive marshmallow that melts and it becomes the best fucking (excuse my french) hot chocolate you’ve had in your life.

The best bookstore in the whole wide world happens to be in Aspen – 

Even if you’re not a reader you have to go to Explore Booksellers – it’s crammed with every single book you can image and it’s especially beautiful during winter when it is completely covered in snow. No one sells better kids’ books that this little shack.

The art and nature connection –

There’s a John Denver Sanctuary. It’s made up of beautiful, soft curved rocks with songs and poems written by Denver engraved on them. He was so prolific! It is essentially a sculpture yard, 15 minutes walking from any hotel in town.

To get my creative juices flowing – 

There’s a ranch called Anderson Ranch Art Center in Snowmass which is about 20 minutes outside of Aspen. It’s in the middle of the forrest and they give the most amazing art lectures, fine art classes, and there’s an artist residency. Perfect place to unleash your inner artist. 

My local treasure troves – 

Columbine of Aspen is amazing to see every kind of skeleton – it’s like the Evolution store of Soho in New York City.

Every Saturday there’s an incredible market that sells local produce, fruits, cheese, and vegetables. There are also stands with natural oils made from lavender, sage, oregano and coconut.

Don’t forget to go to Kemosabe; it’s such a unique place. They sell Cherokee jewelry, bandanas, beautiful handmade leather flasks, and hats that they can mark for you with a branding iron.

The dispensaries – they changed my life and the way I look at canabis culture. My favorite is Silverpeak Apothecary. Even if you don’t smoke week – go quench your curiosity, they have all kinds of delicious ailments.

When the sun goes down and you wanna get jiggy with it –

Justice Snow is a really beautiful bar within a very old building where they serve any cocktail you can think of in the strangest glasses. My favorite drink is the Hot Toddy (hot whiskey with spices).

There’s only two places to go dancing, one of them is Bootsy Bellows, for a young crowd.  You’ll find all kinds of creatures in here – younglings, cougars hitting on over-age younglings, pretty little things – and we’re all brought together by the amazing music. It’s he glue that keep us all together.

The second place is Carabou Club – it’s a member’s club but everyone can go in, they just like to make a spectacle of it all. It’s underground, fancier, super cozy, there’s antler chandeliers, a blackjack table, Scottish fabric everywhere and in high season you’ll probably find Lindsay Lohan or someone of that sort doing blow in the bathroom (haha!).

My favorite thing about Aspen is –

I love that it smells like a mix of fresh pine and wood burning. That smell makes me feel at home.

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