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Corona Chronicles 3: La Gioconda

Written by my friend, Clara Zabludowsky, who found inspiration on a park in London. March 4th, 1504. Day 7 of the lockdown. Florence, Italy This was not the plan. It was supposed to be a quick two-day sitting. A sketch to honor the birth of Andrea, a little memento per se to mark the oh …

Corona Chronicles 2: Edie Sedgwick

New York City, 1966. 11:32 AM We were all ready to start shooting a new project when the news of the virus hit the front pages of every newspaper and magazine in town. I’ll admit that it was a welcome change from that bony British fake, Twiggy that keeps appearing everywhere. She’s like a fish …

Corona Chronicles 1: Dora Maar

The Corona Chronicles is a column, contributed through a first-person essay, where deceased artists, muses and art world personalities vent about how their lives have been altered and interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Drastic times call for creative measures.  Paris, 1936. 7:30 AM Pablo and I were still in bed, naked and sweaty (yes, from …

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